There are so many fun and inspiring quotes with the word "HAND" but this is one that inspires me:

Ecclesiastes 9:10

When I first heard Christine Caine founder of The A21 Campaign, I knew I had to get involved! Chris is such a dynamic speaker, her passion and drive motivated me to find a way to help support The A21 Campaign.

 Hand created Etched Cuff,  a new and different design from my signature coin pieces!

Hand created Etched Cuff,  a new and different design from my signature coin pieces!



I have always enjoyed making things by HAND and loved creating unique pieces of art with lots of mediums! I have tried my HAND at sewing, painting, quilting, decoupage, beading, and even basket weaving! 


 I also have traveled alot! What does that have to do with anything? Well, since I visited so many places, I ended up with lots of coins from many countres. Why not use what I had on Hand! So I put together jewelry with coins and began selling the pieces which allowed me to give to The A21 Campaign!


Let me introduce you to The A21 Campaign, please take a moment and watch this. Then you'll know why I am supporting this worthy cause!

You know, it's not about the jewelry's about the one...the one you can help! Just lend a HAND! Check out to find out what you can do!

helping hands

Now you know what inspired me to start up HeavenCent Gifts...I'm HANDing it off to you..what inspires you & are you ready to lend a Hand?!

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I was riding my bike the other day, enjoying the sun on my back as I rode down the bike path. Looking at the historical monuments on one side and the Potomac River on the other.

There are a lot of cool places to see here in the DC/VA area, best seen on the bike path because on the street I feel like a slow moving target for the cars! By the way, there is a new law in Virginia stating that drivers must leave a 3 feet space between bicyclists and cars. Oh but I get off track so easily…both on my bike and in my thoughts!!

I really wanted to talk about SUMMERTIME…and how quickly it is leaving us! So with still a few days left before the leaves turn colors, the days get shorter, and we need to bundle up in sweaters, I thought I’d share a few suggestions to enjoy the rest of this sunny season!!

  • Get Refreshed! Take another dip in the pool, lake, ocean, or simply run through the sprinklers!
  • Listen to a good song! Tune into your ipod, mp3, phone, radio, phonograph, cassette or 8 track player!  Does anyone have those anymore?!
  • Get together with friends! Facebook, twitter, or any social media doesn’t count!  I mean actually a face to face real live visit!
  • Enjoy an ice cream cone! Remember as a kid trying to eat it before the sun melts it all over your face and fingers?!
  • Take a trip! It could be short or long, just get in the car and keep driving until someone asks “Are we there yet?”
  • Go to a Park! Go ahead and swing, see how high you can actually go!!
  • Buy yourself something…yep just for you! Umm how about a nice piece of jewelry! See our “shop” conveniently located on this very website!!
  • Go for a ride! Bicycle or motorcycle you decide, as long as you can feel the wind breeze by you!
  • Read a good book! Pick up (or download) that book you’ve been thinking about reading, even if it is a magazine!!
  • Take in the sun! Don’t forget your spf 15 or spf 50! Just enjoy the rays…not for too long,( if you break out in a sweat you’ve taken in too much!) Breathe in the warm air for a minute then go back to your air conditioned house, car, or office!

There you have it!   10 suggestions that are easy ways to make the most of what’s left of SUMMERTIME!

Your turn--  what do you like about your SUMMERTIME ?  Share your favorite SUMMERTIME  suggestion! Quick!  Before Autumn comes around!

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AuthorVeronica Jackson

Just a quick note about tools!

Have you ever heard the phrase  “You’re such a tool” ?  Well, it’s not a compliment!

…it commonly means you’re being used and don’t even know it!

 A few of my tools!

A few of my tools!

 Whether or not my tools realize I’m using them doesn’t really matter, what matters is, that I know how to use them!!   As I work creating jewelry I am learning more about tools!  In fact I have just as much fun using gizmos and gadgets as I do creating my pieces!!

Most of my tools are made for specific purposes, but every now and then my imagination and/or need gets the best of me and I use what I have to get the job done!!   Take the rolling pin….you may think it’s purpose is to roll out perfect dough,  or possibly use it like Daisy Duck when she tries to make a point!! 

But if you’re a designer who thinks outside the box, a rolling pin is perfect for forming bracelet cuffs!

What about Cuttle Fish bone-- think it’s only for feeding the birds?

 Silver Ruby Ring  from Cuttlebone cast

Silver Ruby Ring  from Cuttlebone cast

Nope!   It makes the perfect mold for casting unique pieces with a natural design!

 I won’t tell you how I use coconut shells or hydrogen proxide!

Just” tools of the trade”!

So I ask you “What are your tools of the trade?” 

What do you use to create something beautiful?

It could be as simple as your smile! Use what you have!  The perfect tool of the trade!

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